Engineering Design Services

United Industrial Solutions personnel pride ourselves on providing a sound engineering design service coupled with extensive experience of structural fabrication, construction and operations. This practical expertise is recycled into our engineering designs to deliver workable and economic solutions to the industry.

Ease of fabrication, installation and operation are primary drivers in our design process, directly contributing to a “safe” design method. We do this by drawing from our wide range of personnel experiences.

Professionally deliver tailored, high value solutions from concept to operation, whilst managing interfaces, giving our clients the peace of mind to focus on their key business.

We further believe in open, honest and frequent communications with our clients in order to ensure all of their technical design requirements are captured first time, resulting in the delivery of an optimized engineering design solution that meets all expectations.

Project Management:

Management services for all stages of a project lifecycle from conceptual design, front end design, detailed design, to fabrication and installation.

Our range of services includes, but is not limited to, planning, scheduling, procurement, execution, subcontractor management, commissioning and reporting.

Engineering Design:

Practical structural / mechanical design services, including structural / mechanical inspections, risk assessments and prescription of remedial measures for the Mining and minerals processing plant and Off-Shore marine facilities.


At United Solutions we can design solutions specifically for you. We will apply sound engineering knowledge and practical experience to create a unique solution. If it hasn’t been done before we view it as an opportunity to develop something new and innovative for the industry.

Design Drafting Services:

Provide professional management, design and drafting services.

  • Design and draft new plant equipment tailored to meet client’s requirements; and
  • Design modifications to existing structures / equipment to enable interfacing of new / modern equipment with the future serviceability a key factor.

Design Drafting Competency: (but not limited to)

  • Offshore Oil & Gas:
    • Rig and Platform modifications;
    • Structural Integrity Works – beam strengthening & shedder plate designs;
    • Lifting (rigging) arrangement and installation sequences;
    • Deck / barge equipment layouts and grillages including sea fastening;
    • Coiled tubing and intervention operations on MODU’s;
    • Mid depth buoyancy modules (arch) and gravity bases;
    • Compensated tension lift frames / heave compensators;
    • Conductor tension decks, fixed and variable positioning.
  • Mining – Iron Ore:
    • Structural integrity works – beam strengthening & shedder plate designs;
    • Lifting (rigging) arrangement and installation sequences;
    • Wharf Dolphin and Pile remedial works;
    • Deck / barge equipment layouts & grillages including sea fastening;
    • Conveyor overhead mesh protection and removable barricading;
    • Apron feeder upgrades and remedial works; and
    • Installation aids to conduct safe Reclaimer Con-Rod remedial works.
  • Material Handling:
    • Belt, Screw, Bucket and Drag conveying equipment;
    • Mechanical drives and gearing;
    • Rotary screens, Sieves and Vibrators;
  • Hydraulic:
    • High pressure actuators (cylinders).