High & Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting


slide5United Industrial Solutions provide a complete range of High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting services, using multi-disciplined teams which reduces manpower and increases flexibility.

United Industrial Solutions has purpose built units that are intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas. All units are multi-functional and range from 4000psi – 36000 psi and are capable of pressure and flow changes to suit all types of maintenance needs.

United Industrial Solutions with its experienced team of technicians and vast range of spare parts and accessories ensures equipment break down is minimal.

Typical applications include but are not limited to:

  • Vessel cleaning
  • Deck cleaning
  • Tube bundle cleaning
  • Pipework retro jetting
  • Caisson cleaning
  • Surface coating removal
  • Cold cutting
  • Entrainment blasting / decontamination

United are able to offer UHP as an alternative for wet or dry blasting.


Picture1Ultra-high pressure water jetting is suitable for effectively cutting a range of materials used in industry.

The high pressure water jetting cutting process is specific and selective. It has no vibrations, creates no dust, vapor, gas, slag, thermal or mechanical stress and can be automated. Suitable operating systems for hazardous area operations are available with hazardous area rated UHP pump units.

Tasks that we can perform safely and competently include:

  • Cutting Steel
  • Cutting concrete reo bar
  • Removal of rubber
  • Expose reo bar
  • Removal of protective coatings
  • Cleaning of screen and chutes
  • Hydro demolition of concrete slabs and footing
  • Removal of hazardous coatings such as lead based pains.


The use of ultra-high pressure water jetting for cold cutting materials including steel and concrete has the advantage of no dust, vapours or sparks that can be associated with conventional cutting methods.

It makes it an ideal method in hazardous environments such as the oil and gas facilities.


Robotic high pressure water jetting is an innovative way to greatly reduce the risk of injury to operational personnel. United Industrial Solutions are constantly exploring new technology available in order to develop and improve work efficiency and safety.