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TSA Hot Spray Aluminium & Specialised Services


Picture7United Industrial Solutions has highly qualified and experienced applicators of Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA).

Thermally Sprayed Aluminium is one of the longest, toughest coatings available.

Lasting for 25-30 years without maintenance, TSA completely protects your assets for three to five times longer than standard paint, that is only one spell of downtime every 25 years instead of three, four or five.

TSA is used to protect both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals in extreme environmental conditions.

TSA is a process whereby a powdered or wire form of metal is melted and sprayed onto the surface for the purpose of corrosion control, wear resistance, traction or to restore dimensions.

TSA provides adhesive and cohesive strength of coating and does not require cathodic protection. The thicker coatings provide longer life, based on the sacrificial wear rate of the metal saving you both time and money.



roman 5United Industrial Solutions are skilled in its application of Intumescent and Ablative paints.

These paints are suitable for both internal and external applications and provide up to 3 hours protection.

Intumescent epoxy materials have been recognised as the best means of saving lives and limiting damage when hydrocarbon fires hit offshore platforms and where there is a high potential of fire risk.

These paints are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, take up minimal space due to its thin application, and are ideal for architecturally designed areas where structural members are to be exposed.

It provides flame protection for structural steel columns, beams and cables. We can also apply with a textured finish. In addition, we can upgrade the fire ratings of existing concrete slabs, partitions and air conditioning duct work.


United Industrial Solutions offer long term protection of pipes, flanges, valves and related surfaces through the use of specialised tapes.

Our method enables immediate pipeline service following wrap application. Wrap pipelines are not affected by water, acid, salts or soil organics. Our method reduces turnaround time associated with shut down projects.


United Industrial Solutions can offer a range of Earth Moving Equipment from Bobcats to bull Dozers which can be dry hired or supplied with an operator.